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Mar 31 2011

I am turning into a Fender nut…and not the kind that is bolted to your car.

I have played acoustic instruments most of my life and love the finesse that goes into making a musical wooden box out of a log. I used to think that a Fender Telecaster was just a breadboard with a couple of electronic pickups thrown in and a baseball bat sawn in half that was screwed to the body for the neck. I was RIGHT! And what a glorious breadboard it is.

I have fallen in love with the Tele, the guitar, not the British T.V. My first electric guitar was a bad copy of a bad copy of a Gibson Les Paul guitar that I got when I was 13. One day when I was 14 my dad was listening to the swap shop on CHQT radio in Edmonton, Alberta and heard there was a Fender guitar for sale. He said ” I’ve heard of Fender guitars and I think they are good. Let’s go look at it.” When we got to the house, and older man brought out the guitar and this was in the case-

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