Jul 6 2011

1952 Fender Telecaster Blackguard geekfest

I am  posting some pictures of a 1952 Fender Telecaster. I have the wonderful book called The Blackguard by Nacho Baños and after reading it, I have really become intrigued with the Telecaster. It is the longest running production electric guitar. What I think is the most fascinating is Leo Fender got it completely right at the very start. The guitar is an incredible example of genius simplicity. It’s also one of the most versatile guitars every made. You see it in the hands of rockers, jazz dudes, heavy metal, country and polka bands.

In Nacho’s book, he takes the guitars apart and photographs the minutia of them. I have done that here, inspired by Nacho. I hope you enjoy the wonderful pictures taken by my lovely wife, Julie Kerr.

Here’s a shot of the original case the guitar came with. It’s unofficially known as the “thermometer” case because of its shape. In mid 1953, Fender switched to the “poodle” case, which looks very similar to this one, but one side is flat.

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May 21 2011

The Guilty Pleasures

I just wanted to let everyone know who the Guilty Pleasures are. They are the group of wonderful musicians who will be joining me this Saturday Night, May 28, at the Irish Cultural Centre. It’s located in Calgary at 6452 – 35 Avenue NW. The concert is put on by the Foothill Bluegrass Music Society .

The Guilty Pleasures are;

Byron Myhre on Fiddle, mandolin and guitar. Will White on guitar and banjo and Keith Burgess on bass. That’s Byron on the fiddle and Will on the banjo in the picture, back stage at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton, warming up to open for the banjo legend, Earl Scruggs.

Here is one of my oldest musical friends, Keith Burgess on his funky upright electric bass.

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May 5 2011

Don’t you hate it when that one thing you are desperate for is just out of reach.

Some people find cash stuffed in the walls when they rip off the lath and plaster. Others find a jewellery stash. We found this photo behind a cupboard in the kitchen of our new/old house that we are renovating. It’s almost better than stumbling on 3 feet of hundred dollar bills sealed in a wall. Almost.

All I was trying to do was scrape some gum off the wall.
All I was trying to do was scrape some gum off the wall.

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Apr 29 2011

May 28 2011 Afternoon Craig Korth Banjo Master Class & Workshop and Evening Concert – Craig Korth & The Guilty Pleasures

Hiya. Here’s some info about the upcoming Banjo Master Class & Workshop and Concert – Craig Korth & the Guilty Pleasures that I will be giving at the Foothills Bluegrass Music Society in Calgary. You can register through their website.

My lovely wife Julie made this cool poster.

Here are some of the topics I’ll be presenting;

Bluegrass banjo; It’s not just for the lonely any more.

Approaching Back-up without getting your back up.

Speed up learning with the Amazing Slow Downer.
Roll away your blues.
Cool chords and hot licks.

Swing into Summer with a swing tune.

Double your pleasure…

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