Apr 14 2011

Eileen Blues

Yesterday I was literally digging through a pile of old boxes looking for something and I found a cassette tape I thought was long ago lost. It is a recording of my old friend Ronnie Hayward and me in my garage/shop/studio at our old house.

We recorded a version of his song Eileen Blues, which I obviously had no idea what the real title spelling was. He brought over a small Sony reel to reel tape recorder that he got in a pawn shop for $10, his 1930’s Kay upright bass and a Rock and Roll attitude. I had an office attached to my shop where I built guitars and repaired them. We recorded the song in the office and ran a cord out to the garage where the amplifier was and put a microphone in front of it.

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Mar 31 2011

I am turning into a Fender nut…and not the kind that is bolted to your car.

I have played acoustic instruments most of my life and love the finesse that goes into making a musical wooden box out of a log. I used to think that a Fender Telecaster was just a breadboard with a couple of electronic pickups thrown in and a baseball bat sawn in half that was screwed to the body for the neck. I was RIGHT! And what a glorious breadboard it is.

I have fallen in love with the Tele, the guitar, not the British T.V. My first electric guitar was a bad copy of a bad copy of a Gibson Les Paul guitar that I got when I was 13. One day when I was 14 my dad was listening to the swap shop on CHQT radio in Edmonton, Alberta and heard there was a Fender guitar for sale. He said ” I’ve heard of Fender guitars and I think they are good. Let’s go look at it.” When we got to the house, and older man brought out the guitar and this was in the case-

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Dec 15 2010

Wayne Henderson at The Fretboard Journal 5th Anniversary Party

Back in November I went to Seattle to attend The Fretboard Journal‘s 5th Anniversary Celebration.  If you have not read this magazine, it is one of the most beautiful music related publications out there. Amazing photos and fantastic stories.  The early issues have become collectible, as they are now out of print!

The celebration happened over 3 days and included concerts by Bill Frisell, Danny Barnes and my friends Canote Brothers – Greg and Jere.  The final evening’s concert was famed guitar maker and player Wayne Henderson together with Orville Johnson.

The afternoon of the show, there was a lunchtime party at…

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Oct 28 2010

Grand Ole Opry Show from 1965

I just received this in the  mail. I’m pretty excited about it. It is a record, good old vinyl, and it’s a full live show of the Grand Ole Opry from 1965. This would have been recorded live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee, where the Opry was held from 1943 to 1974.  It has been called the mother Church of Country Music. Bill Monroe joined the Opry in 1939 and performed there until his death in 1996.

I’m most excited about hearing Bill Monroe playing live with his band the Bluegrass Boys on this evening they made this…

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