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Sep 21 2011

Fall 2011

I had a great summer. It rained so much in July I started to get moldy. Then August and the sun arrived together and the world brightened.

My wife and I sent to our daughters to Stone Age Camp with Chris Morasky and at the the end of camp, he had a big feast that the kids helped prepare. This is a piece of racoon that I scooped out of the pit oven. It had an oaky flavour with a hint of rodent.

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Dec 15 2010

Wayne Henderson at The Fretboard Journal 5th Anniversary Party

Back in November I went to Seattle to attend The Fretboard Journal‘s 5th Anniversary Celebration.  If you have not read this magazine, it is one of the most beautiful music related publications out there. Amazing photos and fantastic stories.  The early issues have become collectible, as they are now out of print!

The celebration happened over 3 days and included concerts by Bill Frisell, Danny Barnes and my friends Canote Brothers – Greg and Jere.  The final evening’s concert was famed guitar maker and player Wayne Henderson together with Orville Johnson.

The afternoon of the show, there was a lunchtime party at…

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